Archive of Fine Arts

The Archive of Fine Arts collects materials on contemporary art, primarily Czech and Slovak visual art. The processing of documents and information is developed, implemented and operated on the freely accessible database system - abART.

Archiv výtvarného umění
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Database: abART

abART is a comprehensive database of Czech and Slovak art available free of charge at abART is based on the atomization of input data (reduced to further indivisible units) and their versatile connection. Information (data) is not taken mechanically, it always refers to source resources, so far predominantly to documents stored in the Archive. Based on its links, abART can create reports of exhibitions, lists of literature, anniversaries or regional personalities. Data is updated daily. abART is today used by a number of target groups – students, art theorists, cultural workers, journalists, librarians, gallerists, collectors, publishers, information centres and others.
Records: 229846
Archive of Fine Arts